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Increase revenue and player retention with Spoof™

We help boost our clients server traffic to increase their presence, and revenue.

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Simulate Players Undetected

Spoofed players interact with the server just as real player's would, and Spoof avoids your command lists, and hides itself from your plugin list so that even admins can't detect it.

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Boost your server's traffic

Experience the full impact of Spoof with all of our Premium modules made to grow your server.

Spoof allows you to enable and disable modules as you wish, and configure Spoof to fit your server's every need, flawlessly.

  • Multi-Proxy Integration Support
  • ChatGPT/OpenAI Support
  • Fluctuation Module
  • Pathfinding Module
  • Voting Module
  • Auction House Module
  • Ping Module
  • Welcome Module
  • Bounty Module
  • Rank Module
  • Chat Module
  • Spoof players can pick up items
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High Performance

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

Harness the potential of Spoof and use it's strong ability to increase player retention and the speed of your server's growth. Then watch the results as the players and money come in.

  • Spoof Unlimited Players
  • Supports 1.8 -> 1.20+
  • Optimized

Client Testimonials

Spoof is trusted by the community's largest server owners.

Spoof has transformed the way we manage our projects. Its well-designed interface and powerful features make it a must-have tool for any startup. We've seen a great increase in our productivity and collaboration.


Loyal Customer

Despite what people believe, your player count and tab list plays a huge psychological role within your playerbase. Players are naturally drawn to popular servers, spoof allows you to simulate this while you build your own loyal playerbase. Spoof can be a game changer when trying to secure new players, and creating an enjoyable environment for everybody.


Large Server Owner

Spoof was a game changer for me. It’s simple - nobody wants to play an empty server. Spoof boosted my revenue as the server looked more trustworthy to the public eye.


Loyal Customer

Everything you need to skyrocket

It's a fact players want to join the most popular servers. The more players a server has, the more players will join. That's why every server needs Spoof, The Ultimate Spoofer! Spoof is extremely realistic and difficult to detect, resulting in the impression of a server looking popular - allowing for a quick return on investment.

Spoof is targeted at server owners looking to take their server to the next level by spoofing a fraction of their real player count with realistic fake players. Spoofed players appear in the world (when toggled), and have the ability to pick up items, alongside interacting with plugins, as real players would.

Anyone can use Spoof's most basic features and can upgrade to the premium version for only $4.99/mo! The premium version of Spoof offers additional features to make the spoofed players look and interact even more like real players.

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Premium Module


Customize your fluctuation formula to your hearts content! With Spoof you can create hyper-realistic joins & leaves designed to ensure stealth and anonymity.

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Premium Module

Pickup Items

Allow your Spoofed players to pickup items, and interact with real players as-if they were actually online your server! Spoofed players also drop the contents of their inventory on death.

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Premium Module


Enhance the realism and push Spoof to its full capabilities with optimized pathfinding goals

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Premium Module


Give Spoofed players random fake ranks until they leave and give incentive for others to purchase ranks.

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Premium Module


Spoofed players will create fake donations giving incentive for other players to talk in chat, stay active, and even purchase more items on your servers store!


Industry-Leading Technology

We've got you covered! Spoof has been an industry-leader for Minecraft Servers for the last 3 years meeting exceedingly high expectations, and being used by some of the largest Minecraft Server brands. Choose Spoof knowing you are receiving the best solution for you. Spoof is optimized, reliable, and made to fit every server.

Extensive API

Create your own modules, and additions to Spoof with our easy-to-use Developer API


Spoof is trusted by the largest minecraft servers in the industry.

Plug & Play Integration

Add Spoof to your servers plugin folder, and then restart. After you've completed those steps, you're ready to start Spoofing on your Minecraft Server!


We are constantly innovating, and creating excellent solutions to any problem we encounter.

SEO Boost

Increase your minecraft servers traffic on server lists to gain more real players for your community!

Reliable 24/7 Support

Our support team is available 24/7 to help assist you with anything you need relating to Spoof and our other products.

Build a strong community with Spoof

Increase your server's traffic, and rank on server lists, helping you create a bigger, better, and stronger community of real players for your server.

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